General rules

Prohibited items in shipments and for traveling individuals include stolen goods, items or materials that pose a risk to human health, the environment, or property due to their chemical or physical properties, and are included in the United Nations Expert Committee’s list of dangerous substances. Additionally, the transportation of any items, goods, or materials that are prohibited by the laws of the country in which the transportation takes place is not allowed. Examples of such prohibited items include:

  • Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons and their parts, ammunition, explosives, and explosive materials
  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances
  • Perishable food and non-food products
  • Money, securities, precious metals and gemstones, antique items
  • Toxic or corrosive solutions
  • Printed, audio, visual, or electronic materials prohibited by law
  • Human remains or body parts
  • Items requiring special temperature, humidity, or other conditions for transportation
  • Items requiring special permits or exceptional conditions for transportation
  • Items that can cause harm to other shipments or human health or the environment due to their properties

If there are suspicions, the driver has the right to request the sender to open the package and inspect its contents in the presence of the sender. If prohibited items are found, the driver immediately returns them to the sender.

MB „Europe Express” is not responsible for confiscated shipments containing prohibited items.

For each specific non-standard cargo transportation, it is necessary to contact us at +37066614314 to discuss the possibilities and pricing.

To transport non-standard cargo, the following is required:

  • Knowing the dimensions and weight of the cargo
  • Informing if the cargo is fragile
  • For transporting bicycles or motorcycles, having the necessary documents such as ownership proof (the driver may refuse to transport the cargo if the documents are missing or there are suspicions of theft)
  • For transporting machinery or vehicles, informing about possible leaks of fluids such as oil or other liquids
  • Providing photos of the non-standard cargo would be advantageous during the discussion of transportation arrangements


Only by considering the above requirements can we offer the best time and price for transporting non-standard cargo.